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Letter of intent - Y3

A late submission to join a research group exploring digital and physical intersections.

I am reproducing this letter I came across from my third year of university. The research group didn't amount to much action, but it's interesting to look back on this and see where I am now. I was drafting a new post (listing out old WYSWYG websites) when I came across this. While I take pleasure in the fact that I've stayed true to same old me, I can't help but wallow in the fact that I still haven't acted on some of the ideas and things that have excited me for years. Here's to hoping! Emphasis added.

To Whom it May Concern,

Marcs Wilkinson intents to participate in the Digital Physicalities research group. The fact that this letter of intent is 4 days past its deadline does nothing to shake his intent.

I’d be interested in joining the research group for a handful of reasons; exposure to the research side of academia, exploring new possibilities with peers, and trying to bridge the gap between the digital world I grew up in and the physical. I want to have the skills and experience to make and prototype any idea I have by eliminating this barrier, lack of exposure to the back end of these devices. I think It’d be a great motivator to learn some new skills, and hopefully share that experience with others.

My experience with this world is limited. While in Stephanie Phillips Studio 5 we earned a partial diploma in electrical engineering when we successfully created a soft circuit LED light with a snap. Just shy of this success, I’ve had lots of user experience with electronic driven/app enabled objects, scenography, and electronics. I have done one project creating the concept for a wearable for the elderly in 2nd year, but it was a pretty low-fi concept (a painted plastic casting doesn’t scream ‘future of wearables!’. I also own a Misfit wearable, but it’s lost its novelty. I have a wealth of knowledge in being social in the 21st century, new media and the web in general. I know where to look for information and get answers fast. I have some html experience too, but nowadays I keep it simple with slight script modifications and CSS through a tumblr platform. ( tumblr, tumblr, Behance ProSite ) To me, making use of available digital assets that others have created and distributed is a tool.

I can 3D model (Solidworks, Fusion360, Cinema4D), have some experience with 3D prints (laser sintered & extrusion) but read lots of related (and unrelated) literature and news. I do my best to keep informed of the latest trends and developments in science and technology.

Looking back on my last semester, my projects took a pretty analog tone. The minimalist approach was something I had not explored and I wanted to see if I could make something I could appreciate the same way I do simple furniture, old wooden toys, and humble craft. My goal for next semester, alongside pushing myself to innovate in soft and hard outdoor goods, I would like to come up with something that makes interesting use of technology, whether that’s in a quirky way or actually benefits someone is still left to see.

Marcs Wilkinson
Y3 DEPD Student
& Friend

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