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A deeper introduction and signal of commitment.

Lately, not much.

The plain and simple of it is, my productivity (outside of work) has been fully slug. I had high hopes for myself early in the pandemic, when my partner L and I registered a business Les Original and made a few instagram posts. That was put on hold when we picked up and moved to Germany, and for the first few months I told myself that Job Hunting was my priority, and forgiving myself.

Well I found a job, I've settled into it, and still haven't managed to turn out any of the project I have on my docket. Of course there are some legal implications. My current visa (working holiday) doesn't allow me to establish any business of my own. This is a cop-out. Most of the stuff I'm interested in making isn't exactly commercially viable, I don't need to sell anything to count it among my successes.

What sort of projects are we talking?

Digitally, I'm feeling pretty fulfilled. I love working on hard problems and new experiences in digital niches, and my dayjob as a product designer has given me that in buckets. It's the handwerk I'm interested in exploring.

When I dream up a project, it's usually travel & outdoor gear, bike bits, or additive-enabled (some 3D printed part). In most cases, it's a combination of all three.

I'm hoping to develop a craft. Stuff that interests me most isn't usually commercially viable. It's niche product, produced at a small scale, and walks a line between craft and technical. Light goods and technical oddities for freaks in nature -- that's Les Original.

How's that going for you?

I brought some sewing equipment and technical fabrics from Canada to Germany. Within a few weeks here, I'd purchased a solid old sewing machine that reminds me of one I left back in Nova Scotia. We have an apartment with a spacious workshop storage room, and there's nothing standing in my way.

Yesterday I spent the day building this website! A near-perfect clone of one I'd already built a few weeks before, but #poweredbyEleventy. I guess if it makes me a bit more accountable that's alright.

Next week I will try to release a new set of 3D printable sewing notions - I've got some really simple designs mostly finished and getting it out would be a small motivator. I'm headed out for a bike ride today, maybe that will re-fire my will to make some bike bags! L and I are hoping when the shots get into arms it will be realistic to take some bike trips again, and what I found last year was that having all the gear is half the battle, and knowing you can be ready when the opportunity strikes is the rest.

Until next time.

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