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MYO Notions and GitHub - so good

An update on the MYO Notions open source project.


I'd always been into the idea of GitHub as I walked the line of technical understanding. I interacted with it often enough, and even got familiar with Git in a SuperHi command line course. But I was today years old when I realized they had a full Jira and beyond. It's even better, because the components and currency of the product has been so elegantly integrated in a flexible way.

I was really excited about Linear, but after today it's feeling more like this is the tool for the job. Even the aptly named Notion seems like it could become a bit cumbersome if things pick up.

MYO Notions on GitHub

I learned this while stepping up the MYO Notions repo. I set up a Project for tracking new components and testing, a wiki, and stubbed in some discussions based on a release.

I also created some issues and marked them for a Q2 milestone. I'm committed to making some beads (Great first issue!) and a little webbing hook. Without actually modeling a notion, I feel exhilirated and my energy levels for the project are high. Even more, thanks to GitHub's org-wide project feature (which connects nicely to repo projects) I'm feeling a whole new level of excitement about open collaboration and building more les original projects out in the open.

Let's just pray she holds. 🙏

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