lots of experience at design

Making a website Les Original

Unlearning websites to make something that suits me

Unlearning website builders

One of the reasons I built this website was to transition off of WYSIWYG web editors.

And that's just what's left.

Something different, something familiar

Something always draws me back to trying to make an interesting site using notion and I'm at it again. My current visa prevents me from operating a commercial venture while living in Germany. For that reason, my Les Original will focus on building community, free and open designs.

I've started to set up a Notion site that I'll use as a showcase and documentation. Why Notion? I like the flexibility, no cost to rearrange and change things as I see fit. I'd also LOVE to get some comments on the pages I set up.

You can check it out here.

I'm not paying for a custom domain on Square!

It was a fine builder (they may have bought Wix?) with blog-like feature (called Stories) but at this point I don't know what I'd do if a purchase came through on it.. bite the bullet and ship this ol' rice bag around the world I guess.

My next steps are to delete the online shop, and try to sort out some domain parking with Mailchip. I don't think it supports nameservers, redirects or anythign super useful, but since I'm not a business that's OKAY!

Thanks for reading, say hi