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On not getting what you won't pay for

I haven't made any CAD progress because I'm lazy, but I have excuses too


  • I've ordered a Prusa Mini 3D printer. Hopefully it will arrive in a week or so, whereafter I can make a few test prints of the MYO Notions.
  • A cloud based CAD software I've been enjoying for free for years has finally restricted me in demand for payment. I'm not opposed to paying for software I use - but do I? That remains to be seen. I'll be looking into an open-source alternative - FreeCAD especially for MYO Notions.
  • I updated the navigation slightly on this site! I'm trying to learn a bit more about 11ty using plugins. In this case I managed to get it going to replace the page navigation, but couldn't make breadcrumbs a thing.
  • I've been playing around a bit on a friends website


  • Test out some new CAD tools for a simple MYO Notion part - try to avoid paying Autodesk.
  • Sew something nice this weekend - finish a par-boiled stembag, make a handlebar/saddle loops roll, and be catapulted onto bigger things via this great inspiration.
  • Add an RSS feed to this blog for whatever reason
  • Scheduling a few things I've already photographed for Last Places - can't understand why that's been such a tough thing to get around to, but hey, things.

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