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Beading around the bush

A new branch emerges

Es hat verpasst - it has passed by.

Sometimes I am lost at how a stretch of time can pass - over a month since my last little note. This month of June was too darn hot to even think about running a 3D printer, and here we find ourselves on the other side of it. While I'd expected I could spend some time sewing or designing some stuff, the draining power of this hot reality kept me from doing much at all.

We got out for a few nice bike rides, notable for the fact that my partner and I had our front racks/baskets loaded for the journey. I've really got to get to business on sewing my own bag, but in a pinch the duffel bag served me well - it doesn't take much! Another little win was getting my first shot in the arm. Things here in Hamburg are normalizing at a worryingly optimistic pace.

Paid work

I been deep in the dayjob, where things are going splendidly. Our team is growing (we're hiring digital product designers!), the product I work on is starting development and it's a consuming but exciting point when these things start lining up. It's a pretty complex product - lots of surface area - so at the end of the day I am content to do nothing but consume. This has been getting a bit old, so let's hope the weather turns.

Free work

Just now, in what I'm counting as a small incremental win, I created a branch for an issue in the MYO-Notions project Issue #38. The cylinder bead, one of the simplest things I could think to model.

What's most exciting is that I've started modelling in FreeCAD. I've had a revelation, and hereby commit myself to creating the MYO Notions bits in the open souce program and making the source files available as part of the package. This is table stakes.

I'll be modelling up a few more bits and taking photos of the stuff I've printed in-situ. I'd really impress myself if I could manage that situ involved a sewn and practical bag that will open up Europe-by-bike after my second shot.

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